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London’s Secrets: Pubs & Bars


A Guide to 240 of the City's Best Pubs & Bars

British pubs and bars are world famous for their unique atmosphere, bonhomie and fine beer, while increasing numbers are also noted for the excellence of their cuisine. Nowhere is this diversity and quality more evident than in London, which has a bewildering number of watering holes of all shapes and sizes: classic historic boozers and trend-setting bars; traditional riverside inns and luxurious cocktail lounges; welcoming wine bars and cosy brew pubs; mouth-watering gastropubs and brasseries; sophisticated hotel bars and raucous music venues.

            The number and variety of London venues presents an obvious challenge: which to choose? This book seeks to help, selecting the most lauded pubs and bars of various types and in different price bands, split over six geographical areas: central, City and East End, north, west, southwest and southeast. Different areas tend to favour different types of hostelry. For example, the swisher parts of west and north London have more than their fair share of gastropubs, while the southeast of the capital is a happy hunting ground for fans of craft beer joints. And if you need to get suited and booted to impress a date or client with high-end cocktails at a designer bar, the W1 postcode provides more opportunities than most.

            The venues in this book were chosen gradually and pensively, over the course of the four years I spent criss-crossing London while researching a series of books about the city. Indeed, a number of the places became regular stops, where I rested, sought refuge from the rain, made notes and reviewed photographs. They were invaluable for their atmosphere, drinks, food and, not least, bathroom facilities; the spectacular gents’ loos at The Princess Louise, a classic Victorian gin palace on High Holborn, deserve a special mention.

            Despite having lived in the capital for decades – in northwest, central and southeast London – and being a regular patron of its pubs and bars, I was surprised and heartened by the choice and quality I found. The number of innovative cocktail lounges, glamorous hotel bars and venues with magisterial views was particularly notable, as, indeed, was my worrying familiarity with a large number of London’s drinking dens!

            So, whether you’re seeking somewhere for a pint of real ale, a glass of ‘organic’ wine, a designer cocktail or a delicious meal, a place to meet and have fun with your mates, or just somewhere to relax and chill out, you’re bound to find your perfect venue in London – with the help of the insider ‘secrets’ in this book!


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I bought this book to do a job - Dave (Amazon)

There are loads of guides to places to eat in London, but far fewer for drinkers, and this pocket-sized book is a real find. Refreshingly, it's not just aimed at real ale aficionados but also includes plenty of interesting cocktail and wine bars, music venues and riverside pubs. And if you are hungry, it includes a good round-up of `gastropubs'. There's enough choice here to visit a different pub or bar every weekend for the next two years... by which time loads of new ones will have opened, and the writers will have to write a sequel! - Avidreader (Amazon)

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Published: 1st Sep 2013
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